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heal dry or chapped lips naturally

Revealing the secret to soothe and heal dry or chapped lips naturally

If you are looking for ways to heal dry or chapped lips naturally, here is the secret revealed. Is it something you may not be able to handle at home?

Dry or flaking chapped lips are common and natural. If they are constant, they are due to angular cheilitis. And if not, the reason turns out to be the changes in weather as sometimes it is exposed to the sun while the other time it goes through the dry cold air. If you are looking for ways to heal dry or chapped lips naturally, here is the secret revealed.

heal dry or chapped lips naturally

Causes of chapped lips

Lips turn out to be a major concern when they are constantly dry. This is due to the fact that whatever is applied also irritates in such a time. Check out some common causes;

  • Dehydration in the body
  • Cold weather
  • Cold dry air
  • Exposure to sun
  • Licking ends with dermatitis of lips
  • Breathing through mouth
heal dry or chapped lips naturally

Revealing the top secrets to heal dry or chapped lips naturally   

Naturally softer and beautiful lips are no far if you opt for their natural ways religiously. Here is what can help you;

  1. Stop biting your lips if you do have this bad habit. This dries up the lips and is lesser prone to getting dry and chapped.
  2. Drink as much water as possible. But this needs to be either filtered or spring water. Alternatively, you can also eat a lot of food, especially the one high in moisture content. The more your drink helps you stay hydrated and so your lips.
  3. Use some aromatherapy. Take 2 ounces of unscented cream from any pharmacy and add healing essential oils to it. If you add 30 drops of lavender oil, this can help in reducing inflammation and redness while adding another 16 drops of sandalwood will assist in moisturizing the lips.
  4. Start taking multivitamins or any other mineral supplement. This serves as insurance on our health in days when our diet plans are loaded with enough processed food.
  5. Scrub your lips with a natural scrubber. Prepare the scrub by taking 1 teaspoon of honey and half sugar, mix, prepare, and apply. Let it rest for 2 minutes and scrub gently. This will help take off dead skin and offer a fresher appearance.
  6. Apply Vaseline. This is a very common activity that a majority chooses to do. But I won’t suggest you, the reason being it’s a petroleum-based gel and petroleum is the crude oil that can also cause zits or breakouts. Having my complete research over it, I found two main ingredients of it that includes mineral oil and petrolatum and the two do not penetrate on the lips. Instead, will lock the present bacteria, making it problematic in the long run.
  7. The application of lipstick and lip gloss are also considerable strategies. But what stops me from applying them is whatever we apply on our lips, we eat them up. A survey has been carried out that estimates how many pounds a day of lipstick women eat.
  8. Lip balms that are rich in phenol, lanolin, parabens, and those with fragrance should be avoided. Even those botanicals ones should not be used. One of the major reasons is these causes allergy and peeling under the skin. If you are addicted to lip balms, you can get one homemade as the naturally produced also benefits.
  9. Do you know that homemade clarified butter is one of the best options to apply to chapped and dry lips? This is quite an easy task and in the same way, one can also apply coconut oil. If you feel uneasy about carrying clarified butter, you can move on with coconut oil. Keep it as an essential in your bag and don’t ever let your lips go dry. Clarified butter can be your sleeping partner.

Is it something you may not be able to handle at home? You should rush towards the doctor as some of the skin conditions like lip dermatitis and lip eczema may throw you back in trouble.

Enjoy healthier and softer lips every month of the year!

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