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Flabby Belly after C section

Flabby Belly after C section: Simple Tips for Improved Appearance at Work

These are some of the major concerns who deliver through the C section. But, wait mommy! You can get rid of your post-baby flabby belly after C section.

So, finally, you have given birth to your baby and now you are worried about your saggy and flabby belly. You have to resume work and you are not feeling confident to go with your hanging belly. These are some of the major concerns of mothers who deliver through the C section. But, wait mommy! You can get rid of your post-baby flabby belly with a little effort even after a C section.

However, it takes time to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape still, we won’t say that it is not possible. Before you start following the tips and remedies that will help you tone down your figure, make sure your stitches are completely healed and you are not going through any type of body aches. These simple steps will help you a lot in getting back to your original shape. Follow these steps religiously and you will notice a great difference within a couple of months.

Tips for Flabby Belly after C section

Maintain a healthy diet

As a lactating mother, you might be eating a little more than normal. that’s completely okay only if you count your daily calorie intake and avoid excess sugars and carbohydrates.

Flabby Belly after C section

Cut down sugar from your diet, avoid carbonated drinks and junk food. Use fruits and vegetables as snacks, eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates and fats. This will help you get rid of the flabby belly after C section and will not affect your milk production.

Increase your fluid intake

Drinking lots of water has always been beneficial whether you trying to lose weight or not. It keeps your metabolism high as a result of which you stay active and energetic all day. Drinking more and more fluids post-pregnancy can help burn belly fat. Alternatively, drinking more water is also recommended when breastfeeding your baby to maintain your body hydration.

Flabby Belly after C section

You can also try detox water by adding some mint leaves, cucumber slices, lemon, ginger wedges to a pitcher and drink it throughout the day. This helps in detoxifying your body while melting the excess fat from your body. Another remedy is to drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and some honey in the morning. These tips might take a little while to work but, the key is to remain persistent and never lose hope.

Use a belly supporting belt

After giving birth, your uterus and abdominal muscles are loosened. To get them back to normal and shrink them, you need to support them using a belt. Wearing a belt might also help to ease the back pain that many women face after the C section.

This tip might not work for everyone but some women really feel comfortable while wearing a support belt and also notice that their belly fat has reduced at a slightly faster pace.

Breastfeed your baby

Breastfeeding burns more than 500 calories each day. Breastfeeding mums tend to lose weight quicker than moms who do not lactate their babies.

Try breastfeeding your baby exclusively for at least 6 months. This is not only good for the baby but, will also help you get back to your pre-pregnancy shape.

Get a good sleep

With a small baby, moms do not get enough time to sleep. We totally understand how your little one keeps you, busy day and night. But, it is important for you to get enough sleep so that you can take care of your baby as well as yourself.

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Sleeping can also help you lose excess body fat. not only this, sleep is equally important for your physical and emotional health. You might not get to sleep for hours but, you can have a couple of short naps along with your baby. This will also keep you energized and refreshed while helping you lose that hanging belly fat.

Do yoga and other simple exercises

Yoga has also been very beneficial in burning down excess tummy fat. You can also start with simple exercises to keep you active and refreshed. While exercising can help you tighten your muscles, it can also help you release stress and anxiety that many women face after pregnancy.

Flabby Belly after C section

Give time to your body

It took you 9 months to put on those extra pounds, do not expect to get rid of them in 9 days. Be calm and consistent and let your body heal first before you start any weight loss tips. Enjoy spending time with your baby and don’t stress about your belly fat.

Follow these simple and easy tips to get back in shape. Since the C-section is major surgery, your body needs to heal first before you start working on your flabby belly. These tips are completely safe to use and are guaranteed to give the best results with the passage of time.

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