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1200 calorie meal plan

1200 calorie meal plan for your weight loss journey

Do you think that a 1200 calorie meal plan is not possible for one to follow? If you are looking forward to continue with your weight loss, you need to think again.

When it comes to losing weight, I’ve always followed some of my inspirations and one such is rebel Wilson who marked 2020 on her name for losing up to 60 pounds in a year. Having my research done from time to time, I’ve been learning more and more about how active lifestyle is considered as a recognized way to lose weight fast. Do you think that a 1200 calorie meal plan is not possible for one to follow? If you are one of them looking forward to continuing with your weight loss, you really need to think again.

1200 calorie meal plan

Why are we focused on 1200 calorie meal plan?

Is there something with the number 1200? Calorie counting plays an essential role in managing weight. Today the approach to losing weight has turned into numerous diets. The plan we’re focused on is a simple eating plan for some while a host of risks for others.

**Not every meal plan suits everybody.

What to keep in mind before starting with 1200 calorie meal plan?

1200 calorie is basically defining the meal plan that comprises total calories up to 1200 or less for a particular day. When planning to start with a 1200 calorie meal plan, people normally intend to promote faster weight loss and achieve their goal earlier. Cutting down calories drastically definitely serve as one of the effective ways to lose weight but it’s may affect the overall health in the long run. Moving on the road to quick weight loss may have some benefits and downsides for the body. One must be sure about all the facts when beginning the journey.

A personalized 1200 calorie meal plan

This tailored weight loss plan is specifically for adults looking to lose extra calories from their bodies. According to the research by the National Institute for nutrition, women are recommended to intake at least 1900kcals while men are suggested 2300kcals. But if you are suggested to move your body with 1200kcals/day, below is the complete 7-day diet plan for you.


Breakfast is the first meal of the day and holds equal importance. According to the researches, no meal can serve as an alternate to breakfast. Start your day with healthy/wealthy meal.

DaysWhat to eat?
11 medium-sized bowl of oatmeal/porridge with tea/milk
21 whole boiled egg and 1 shami kebab with tea/milk
32 boiled egg whites+ 1 banana and handful of almonds with tea/milk/coffee
4Mixed vegetable omelette using 2 eggs with tea milk
52 boiled eggs + 1 boiled potato with tea/milk
61 CD-sized wheat/oat chapatti with an omelette with tea/milk/coffee
71 medium sized bowl of oatmeal/porridge with tea/milk


When on diet, mid meal hungers are must. Satisfy your taste buds with the following nutritious snacking.

DaysWhat to eat?
1Handful of almonds
2Medium-sized carrot/cucumber with any salsa
3Any seasonal fruit
4Medium-sized carrot/cucumber with any salsa
5Any seasonal fruit
6Handful roasted gram
7Handful of almonds


Prepare an ideal plate of lunch with everything including good carbs, proteins, seasonal vegetables, etc.

DaysWhat to eat?
1Daal taco with mint sauce + salad
2Steel cut wheat masala porridge
3White chickpea salad
4Chicken/beef kabab 2-3 with salad
51CD-sized wheat/oat chapatti with steamed vegies
6Steel cut wheat masala porridge
7Daal taco with mint sauce + salad


Your body always need nutritional boost when there is a long meal break. Snack up with light and necessary nutrition.

DaysWhat to eat?
1Any one type of seasonal fruit
2Tea/coffee with handful of nuts
3Tea/ coffee/green tea with handful of nuts
4Tea/ coffee/green tea with handful of nuts
5Tea/coffee with handful of nuts
6Tea/coffee with handful of nuts
7Any one type of seasonal fruit


Dinners like beggars can help you achieve your weight loss goal earlier. Keep your stomach light.

DaysWhat to eat?
1Chicken vegetable masala oats
2Chicken vegetable lettuce wrap
3Any type of grain or salad
4Masala oats daleem
5Red kidney beans salad
6Chicken vegetable lettuce wrap
7Chicken vegetable masala oats

Calorie requirement varies from one person to another. So if you are recommended to go with a 1200 calorie diet plan, don’t hesitate before starting. But if not, think about the pros and cons your body may face in the long run.


Benefits of 1200 calorie meal plan

  • If suggested to have a 1200 calorie meal plan, fueling your body with the right quantity of calories helps maintain overall great health.
  • Reduces heart diseases, limits the risk of bad cholesterol in the body
  • Healthy dietary pattern can sustain weight goal for longer
  • Improved blood sugar and lipid profiles

Drawbacks of 1200-calorie meal plan

  • Extreme weakness in the body in the long run
  • Micronutrient deficiencies, fatigue,  headache, and gallstone
  • Extreme hunger, nausea
  • Increase in hormones like cortisol, ghrelin, reduced resting metabolic rate, etc.
  • Weight gain over time, vicious cycle of repeated periods
  • Disturbed mental health, stressed heart, increased risk of eating disorders

Looking for an alternate?

When it’s about weight loss, an alternate solution could be portion control. This may be a slow process but benefits in the long run. Besides extreme weight loss strategies, is it not better to move snails speed and achieve your weight loss goal favorably. Below are some healthy weight loss tips to consider;

  • Cut down added sugar from your daily diet

Cutting down extra-sugar serves as a healthy way to lose weight. These include; cake, candy, sugary cereals, etc.

  • Avoid Junk

Prepare your own food. This will help you maintain a healthier diet and say no to meals from restaurants and fast food stores.

  • Be friend with a nutritionist

A healthcare provider can ease things for you. This is a great chance to learn healthy ways to lose weight.

  • Participate in outdoor activities

Outdoor activities have always been a fun. In order to promote good health, add walk and exercise a part of your daily routine. Also try joining outdoor activity clubs that helps you move your body and sweat.

Are you following any weight loss technique to get back in your old fitted clothes? For a long time I had tried methods but always found them not working because as soon as I leave, I start gaining. But I believe everybody is different and so are the bodies. Now I am with the alternates which I consider as a natural process of losing weight. I am also having Ultra fast keto boost and yes it is helping me get off my extra fats.

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