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weight loss tips

Effective Weight Loss Tips to Get Back on Track after Christmas

Here are some weight loss tips that you can follow to get back in your previous shape. The tips are easy to follow and will give guaranteed results..
weight loss tips

Christmas is over now and so, are the celebrations. You might be worried about the extra weight you have put on during the holidays. Almost every one of us ditches our diet and clean eating during festive seasons and that is quite normal as far as you lose the excess weight you have gained during that time.

After Christmas has ended and you are back to your routine, you suddenly realize that you need to put in some effort to shed the unnecessary weight. Motivating yourself to follow a clean and healthy diet is one of the biggest challenges. Once you are on the track and get used to it, you can easily follow it daily and achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight loss tips on your finger tips

Here are some weight loss tips that you can follow to get back in your previous shape. The tips are easy to follow and will give guaranteed results if you follow them regularly. Let’s have a look:

Have a healthy breakfast

There is a misconception that you should not eat anything in the morning if you want to lose weight. However, this is completely wrong. Following this routine might help you in losing weight but, will make you weak from the inside. People who skip breakfast stay dull and tired the entire day. Therefore, whether you are planning for weight loss or not, always have a healthy breakfast with the right proportions of proteins and carbohydrates.

Cut down oily and spicy stuff

This is a bit difficult, especially when you have had delicious and tempting meals during the holidays but, it is very important if you want to get back in shape. Switch to baked goods instead of deep-fried items and this way, you can satisfy your cravings by eating all your favorite foods but in a healthy way.

Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet

Eating fruits and vegetables, especially in raw form, has always helped in losing weight. For lunch, treat yourself to a bowl of yummy garden salad. This can fill up your stomach and does not have many calories. You can also add barbecued or grilled chicken or any other meat of your choice to your salad bowl if you want to add more protein to your diet. Eating fruits and vegetables keep you energized and full for a long.

Do not eat late at night

People who stay awake late at night often feel hungry even after dinner. Late-night cravings are often satisfied with mostly junk and unhealthy foods. When you sleep immediately after eating, the food is not digested properly and the calories are also not burnt. This way, you start gaining weight. Have dinner early and do not eat anything after dinner, you will feel a lot of difference in your weight. In case you feel very hungry, you can have a glass of low-fat milk or a sugar-free cookie but that too should be avoided.

Have small meals throughout the day

Instead of having 3 full meals, opt for smaller meals. Small meals are digested more easily whereas big meals make you feel dizzy and sleepy. Taking small meals during your daily chores is best as you can easily burn whatever you eat throughout the day.

Walk as much as you can

Walking is one of the best exercises that helps you in losing weight. Going to the nearby shop or store? Go by walk and leave your car at home. Walking not only keeps you active but you can also shed those extra fats very easily.

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Add omega-3 rich foods to your diet

Omega-3 has a lot of health benefits including weight loss. Look for foods that are a high source of omega-3 like avocado, nuts, and fish. These foods are not only tummy-filling but also, do not have a lot of calories.

Say no to artificial sweeteners

Even if you have a sweet tooth, never use artificial sweeteners. These not only have other harmful effects on your health but, also make you gain a lot of weight. Choose natural sugars instead whenever you crave something sweet. Using artificial sweeteners can never let you achieve your fitness goals.

Have green tea

Green tea is best to burn those extra fats from your body. It also detoxifies your body and flushes out all the unwanted waste. You can have a cup or two of green tea if you are planning to start your weight loss journey.

Follow the same eating routine every day

Maintain your daily eating habits and fox times for your meals. Eating at a fixed time makes your body get used to it and you feel less hungry. Also, spending your day in an organized manner also keeps your active and motivated throughout.

Double your calcium intake

Losing weight does not mean you should cut down dairy from your diet. Calcium intake is very important even when you are trying to shed some weight. Go for low-fat or skimmed milk and low-fat yogurts to keep you full and energized.

Drink plenty of water

Water keeps you hydrated and makes your metabolism fast. Drink lots and lots of water so that your body easily burn those extra calories while keeping you active and energetic.

Increase your fiber intake

Increasing your fiber intake is always recommended during weight loss. Taking ample amounts of fiber ensures your digestion and bowel movement stay normal and also prevents you from constipation which is a common issue during weight loss.

Opt for standing instead of sitting

 Spend most of your time standing and avoid sitting as much as you can. Sitting not only makes you dull but the excess weight also stays in its place making your weight loss journey a bit difficult.

Avoid sodas and other fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks and sodas have a lot of sugar in them. You can never achieve your desired weight if you do not cut back these drinks from your routine.

Cut back wine

Not only sodas wine also has a lot of calories and people who drink regularly can clearly notice they have put on a lot of weight. So now, as Christmas is over do not get any more wine for yourself.

Opt for healthy snacks

Who does not love to eat candies, cookies, and chips as a snack? Remove all these items from your pantry or hide them somewhere you can’t reach them. Go for healthy snacks like almonds and other nuts that are a high source of proteins.

weight loss tips

Have chocolate, but the dark one

Dark chocolate is also considered good for weight loss. Dark chocolate helps in increasing your metabolism and hence, your body’s ability to burn fat is increased.

Switch to organic foods

Fruits and vegetables, grown with harmful chemicals and pesticides, also increase weight. Organic fruits and vegetables that are free of such chemicals are completely safe to eat.

Add flax seeds to your diet

Flax seeds are also very good for losing weight. Grind the seeds to powder and sprinkle on your salads and smoothies.

Get a good sleep

Take a good 8-hours sleep to keep yourself active and fresh throughout the day. People who do not take proper sleep gain weight easily as compared to people who take proper sleep.


Exercise and weight lifting help you lose weight and also keeps you in shape. Join a gym or work out at home. You can set nice music to keep yourself motivated during exercise.

weight loss tips

Go for swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises that keeps you in shape but, also prevents you from a lot of joint aches and pains. Swimming daily can help you lose weight really fast.

Have lots of proteins

Losing weight does not mean you should not have healthy meals. Increase your protein intake by adding eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, and beans to your diet.

Minimize your salt intake

Studies show that eating saltier foods make you hungrier. Slowly limit down your salt intake and avoid it as much as you can.

Metabolic confusion

A metabolic confusion diet is also helpful in losing weight. Changing your calorie-intake daily keeps your metabolism fast and hence, you lose weight easily.

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Do yoga

Intense workouts and exercises can make you tired and overwhelmed. Go for yoga to keep yourself calm and composed. Yoga is not only beneficial as weight loss tips but also helps in releasing the stress.

Limit, but do not cut down, your carbs

Cutting carbs from your diet completely can make you face digestion problems. Have healthy oats and porridges to make a healthy meal while maintaining your weight.

Take care of your mental health

Stress and tensions can also increase your weight. Keep yourself stress-free and indulge in activities that keep your brain active.

Stay happy

Saying happy and satisfied is one of the best weight loss tips to keep in mind when you are aiming for weight loss. Your body reacts to weight gain or weight loss quickly when your hormones are within normal levels.

Water diet

A water diet is another helpful weight loss tips that has helped many people in shedding weight. Drink only water the entire day and eat nothing. However, fasting for weight loss for a very long time can have severe health risks too.

Have detox water

Add ginger, cucumber, mint, lemon slices, or other fruits or vegetables to water to make detox water. This keeps your hydration high and helps in weight loss.

Try healthy soups

Add vegetables to your soups to make them a complete meal. Try different recipes each time so you don’t get bored with your weight loss journey.

Weight loss is essential and so are the weight loss tips, especially if you are to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What is your unique strategy to lose weight fast? Do share with us in the comment section as below!

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