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Common reasons for blood clots in Period

Can You Treat Blood Clot in Period Naturally?

I am addressing one of the common women’s health topics. In this article, I will be discussing heavy periods and how to treat blood clot in period naturally.

Have you been looking forward to treat blood clot in period naturally?

A heavy period is such a subjective topic because no woman is measuring their blood output every period. Well, I’m not anyway, but let’s just set the record straight. If you’re needing to change your pad or your tampon every hour, or you’re carrying around a spare change of clothes, because you’re worried your products will fail you? Or you’re finding clots size of a 20 cent piece in your pad or your underwear? That’s not normal! And there’s something you can do to better your periods and make it a lot easier for you at that time of the month.

I am addressing one of the common women’s health topics in this article and my approach is more holistic. In this article, I will be discussing heavy periods and how to treat blood clot in period naturally. And I’m going to discuss what we can do about it to make it a lot easier for you for that time of the month.

Common reasons for blood clots in Period

  • Iron deficiency
  • Anemia
  • Excess estrogen or estrogen dominance sometimes called thyroid disease
  • Certain cancers
  • Less common endometriosis
  • The copper IUD
  • Fibroids,
  • Polyps,
  • Certain drugs, like antidepressants, or anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Bleeding disorders

You will see the causes of heavy bleeding most commonly, for the average woman who is generally healthy and doesn’t have any underlying conditions. It’s often that excess estrogen, that iron, or that thyroid that’s contributing. But most commonly, it’s the estrogen.

I’m going to discuss a little bit more about that now. So your doctor can easily go through these and roll them in or out, especially those major diagnoses like fibroids, polyps, endometriosis, and cancers.

If you have any major concerns, immediately go to your doctor and get these diagnoses ruled in or ruled out. So you can have that peace of mind. But often, if nothing’s coming back then it is that excess estrogen that’s causing these major heavy bleeds. It’s the estrogen that is involved in thickening the uterine lining. And the thicker it is, obviously, the more we’re going to shed. Because if you didn’t know our period is just our uterine lining, shedding.

So when we have too much estrogen, it is going to result in more blood. And often thicker Clottey blood as well. I will pause here and say it’s not uncommon for doctors to hear painful or heavy periods. And then send you on your way with a prescription for an oral contraceptive pill or a piece of advice to go and get the Mirena inserted. Now, it’s not all doctors, some doctors are great at digging deeper and running lots of tests, and exams. But if you’re not happy with that response from your doctor, then just go and find another one and find someone willing to dig deeper.

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We know for example, that endometriosis has an average diagnosis delay of 10 years. This means women are finding out they have this major hormonal and inflammatory condition 10 years too late when so much damage has already been done. And that’s why at the first point of noticing that your periods are far too heavy. Or they’ve suddenly changed in the nature, then it’s really important to go and intervene and find answers to prevent going years and years down the track realizing I should have got on top of this so much sooner, and maybe my health wouldn’t be so compromised.

So at the end of the day, if those major conditions have been rolled out, then it can just be a simple hormonal imbalance that is causing this for years. And like I said, it’s likely estrogen. This is the most common reason I’ve seen in practice for heavy periods in women when there’s no other answer. And this is why in the natural health space, some doctors go down this path too. But more often than not, you’ll find nutritionists and naturopaths wanting to do a full hormonal workup and find out exactly where your hormones are at different times before starting a treatment plan. This is also because progesterone and estrogen are alike. And they work together they need to be in this fine-tune balance because estrogen is what proliferates the growth.

Common reasons for blood clots in Period

But progesterone is what modulates this growth. So if we have high estrogen and low progesterone, we’re getting a much thicker uterine lining. And we don’t have the progesterone to modulate the growth for that. And so often, it’s not always about lowering estrogen. It’s about boosting progesterone to help modulate that uterine lining growth. I hope this is making sense to you. So these are the blood tests that I would really push for your doctor or else your nutritionist or naturopath will probably want to test these as well. And that is Easter dial on day three because that is when it’s naturally at its lowest. And we want to make sure that it is doing its natural dip and not staying to elevate it.

Then also we want to test estradiol and progesterone on days, either day, 19, 20, 21, or 22. On that day, the 19 to 22 window is key because that’s when they need to be at their highest. We also want to do a full thyroid panel with your thyroid-stimulating hormone-free T three, free T four and your antibodies may be reverse T three as well, which can be expensive because it’s not always bulk billed.

So even if you can just get your basic thyroid test as the first point of call, you also want to get your ferritin. This is a way to get your iron check in the body. And just a full blood count and a liver function test to check some basic blood there as well. The day you do these tests is so important because as women, we have natural ups and downs throughout the month. So there’s no point in testing our hormones other than those days that I just specified. This is because we’re not getting the most accurate indicator there.

Strategies that help treat blood clot in period naturally

In the meantime, though, I will go through a few strategies. You can start to incorporate that are going to help support you that time in the month. Remember, when it comes to changing the nature of your cycle, it usually takes 2-3 cycles to notice a difference. So don’t just implement a whole bunch of stuff. And then if you have your period and nothing’s changed, don’t just suddenly go back to all your old habits. Give it a good two to three cycles to start seeing if it makes a difference first.

Common reasons for blood clots in Period

So here are some basic areas to start working to treat blood clot in period naturally;

  • The first one is about inflammation and inflammation increases the activity of estrogen in the body by increasing a certain enzyme called aromatase. So an anti-inflammatory diet is really important to consider. It is essential as it helps support the lowering of estrogen in the body. You can also take this anti-inflammatory approach up a notch by considering Turmeric and omega-three. Both have great research on them in terms of reducing our pro-inflammatory markers. This is specifically about two grams of Omega three women report noticing a difference on. And then also about one gram of Tumeric and Omega-three can also act as a blood thinner. So if you also have quite thick periods, this actually may help with that.

And that’s why they say you know, don’t take omega threes before surgery. This is because that is a blood thinner and you might lead out. If you’re otherwise healthy and no surgery is coming up, then and you’re not on any other blood thinners, omega three is our very safe option.

  • Next, you want to boost those iron-rich foods, especially before you start supplementing. This is because food form is going to be a lot more absorbant in the body. So you can do all your red meats, specifically, the liver is amazing for all of our blood nutrients like iron and other B vitamins, green veggies, and green leafy veggies. And then if you do have that low ferritin, it is hard to get up just with foods you need to do food first. But also an iron bisglycinate supplement can help support you in topping up your ferritin stores as well. So you also want to be supporting estrogen clearance from the body. This can be through fiber in your veggies because that’s going to help bind to the estrogen and remove it from the body plenty of water and avoiding coffee and alcohol which kind of burdens our liver.

Just one coffee a day can increase estrogen by 10%. So if you’re wanting to kind of support yourself, specifically focus on just avoiding that coffee and alcohol. This is even just three to five days before you expect your period. And then once your periods come, you might be able to go back to having one coffee a day or having a glass of wine on the weekends or something like that. My favorite estrogen lowering supplement is a broccoli seed extract or block broccoli sprout extract and Diem and also some kind of amino acid B vitamin kind of complex. But these need to be taken under the care of a provider especially Diem because it doesn’t respond well to everyone. So do consult your healthcare provider and then decide if this is better for you!

If you need that added boost to clear that estrogen from the body, it’s worth either researching nutrients available on the market or looking for someone who can tailor-make the dosage to you. And maybe look at some herbal combinations in there as well.

Final Verdict

I hope you can find the motivation to make the change and incorporate some of these things or make the first step and get those tests done. Because heavy periods are so common, excess estrogen really can be the foundation for those heavy periods. And what’s driving them, the clotting, the heaviness? Maybe the prolong length of it, you have eight days period, these things have been to help. I hope you find some relief and be able to treat blood clot in period naturally.

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