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diet plan for PCOS to lose weight

Diet Plan For PCOS To Lose Weight

Creating a diet plan for PCOS to lose weight and exercise regime seems like something very difficult. make sure you get yourself educated first.

If you’re a girl diagnosed with PCOS, chances are that your doctors told you how to fix your diet plan to lose weight and your exercise regime. Unfortunately, because a lot of people globally aren’t educated correctly about fitness, creating a diet plan for PCOS to lose weight and exercise regime seems like something very difficult.

But trust me, it’s not. It’s just about following a few basic steps to make your body better than it was yesterday.

Now before I start with the real topic, I highly recommend you not to miss the end.

If you’re a girl and whether or not you’ve suffered from PCOS, you must know everything there is to know about PCOS. It is one of the most common problems faced by girls in modern-day society.

And the only way we can eliminate such a problem is with mass education. So make sure you get yourself educated first.

Now before we get to the actual Diet Plan For PCOS To Lose Weight, there are a few things you need to know.

Insulin resistance

Almost every girl who’s suffering from PCOS also suffers from insulin resistance. To understand this term better, first, you need to understand the function of insulin in your body.

Now, our bodies derive energy from carbohydrates. Every time you consume a carbohydrate, it’s broken down into glucose inside your body. Then the glucose is converted into energy through insulin that converts the glucose to energy.

Now, coming to carbohydrates, every single carb is rated on the GI scale. The GI or Glycemic index scale is a scale from zero to 100, i.e. 0 by 100 represents glucose. It signifies how fast a carbohydrate is digested by your body. Now, glucose or sugar is rated at 100 because it’s very easily digested by your body. It is digested very fast. So your body takes that little bit of sugar and converts it into energy very rapidly.

But to convert it into usable energy, your body needs to create an insulin spike. Now, regular insulin spikes in your bloodstream through consuming sugar or high GI food are very bad from a fat loss perspective. It will make it very difficult for you to lose fat and keep a lean body in the long term. But it’s even worse for girls suffering from PCOS.

diet plan for PCOS to lose weight

Now, sugar, which is rated at 100 on the GI scale, will cause an insulin spike in your bloodstream. But these insulin spikes are also caused because of high GI carbohydrates. Every single carb in the world is rated using sugar as the reference. So the carbs, which cause a similar effect as sugar, are rated higher on the GI scale.

The closer they are to 100 in terms of value, the bigger the insulin spike will get in your bloodstream. So the ground rule is that you want to avoid sugar and you want to avoid all high GI carbohydrates.

Most girls who suffer from PCOS are insulin-resistant, so they’re not very sensitive to the effects of insulin.

Now, human beings who are not suffering from insulin resistance, just need a little bit of insulin to convert a little bit of glucose into energy. However, someone who is insulin-resistant needs a lot more insulin to create the same amount of energy from that same amount of glucose.

Now, as a girl suffering from PCOS, because your insulin levels are always raised a little bit, it messes up your hormonal system entirely.

That’s why when doctors tell you that PCOS is a hormonal problem, they mean this it’s this perpetual high level of insulin in your bloodstream.

What you need to remember is that your job now is to normalize your insulin levels. And how do you do that? You do that by fixing your diet plan to lose weight. You want to avoid all those spikes in insulin. Thanks to your diet!

Remember, your insulin is already high. So your job as someone who’s suffering from PCOS is to one, avoid all those insulin spikes. Thanks to the sugar and the high GI foods.

Reduce your fat %

Insulin resistance usually happens because of a higher fat percentage than normal. So you need to go at this with the intention of weight loss, learn everything there is to know about carbs and learn which the low GI carbs are and which the high GI carbs are all the foods that are listed in the two groups. And obviously, avoid sugar at all costs. Now getting to the actual diet plan three ground rules. It’s going to be a high protein diet because it’s a high protein diet.

You’ll need to stay hydrated all the time. Keep checking your urine to make sure that it’s clear most of the time.

Avoid sugar at all costs

I know that completely cutting off sugar from your diet can be a little bit difficult, especially for girls who generally have sweet tooths. So I’m going to work out a way for you to handle that situation.

Now, there are two points in the day when you can afford an insulin spike for breakfast and after a workout.

So in this case, breakfast will start with an insulin spike in the form of a fruit. A lot of people have this misconception that fruits don’t give you insulin spikes. Now you’ve got to keep in mind that sugar gives you the biggest insulin spike, but fruit also contains fruit sugar.

Now, it’s a more blunt spike when compared to something like pure table sugar, but it’s still an insulin spike. And as someone suffering from PCOS, you want to minimize these insulin spikes.

diet plan for PCOS to lose weight

So you’re going to get your insulin spike from fruit in the morning every single day. Change up your fruit a little bit. That’s the first thing you eat when you get up in the morning. Just a small serving of fruit.

Now, along with fruit, it’s very important for you to also consume some form of protein. And these are your options. Now, ideally, between breakfast and lunch, I’d suggest you don’t start snacking. Instead, have a filling breakfast and go for a filling lunch. Now, as for lunch, once again, you’ve got to go for a lean source of protein.

These are options, and you can combine this with a low glycemic index carbohydrate. Take a good serving of it, and save a big bowl of any of these options. And if you’re going for flatbreads, about two or three flatbreads should work well. You can also include legumes or sprouts at this point. And you can have a salad. But keep in mind, the salad shouldn’t have potatoes.

Snack Time

Coming to snack time, which for many girls is time for the pre-workout meal, remember, your PCOS problem is going to get destroyed fast if you combine this diet with an exercise regime. So definitely consider doing that!

Even 20 minutes of walking in a day is good enough. So before that exercise regime, you want to once again consume a small portion of low glycemic index carbohydrates.

Now, if you’re someone who works out, you need an insulin spike after your workout regime. So for that insulin spike, once again, take up a small bowl of fruits.

If you don’t work out, you do not need this insulin spike. So your last portion of carbohydrates is that small portion of low GI carbs you’ve had at around 4- 5 in the evening for snack time. And you’re not supposed to have anything till dinner time.

If you’re someone who loves tea and coffee and can’t give up that little bit of sugar in the tea and coffee, that’s all right. We’re all human and you can’t restrict yourself that much. But if you want to go for a healthy option, go for stevia, which is a herbal sweetener, which does not harm your health.

Dinner Plan

Finally, coming to dinner, the protocol is the same as lunch, but you have to avoid all forms of carbohydrates at this point. Remember, insulin resistance is caused due to a high-fat percentage.

So your job, besides avoiding all those insulin spikes, is to lower your fat percentage is to lose a little bit of weight. And you will lose weight if you avoid carbs after dark. It just automatically happens, especially to young girls whose metabolisms are high.

That’s the kind of protocol I give when it comes to a diet plan for PCOS to lose weight, the same as lunch.

But avoid all forms of carbohydrates for dinner. That’s all you need to remember!

Closing thought

So this was the diet plan for PCOS to lose weight that can simply help you cope with PCOS. But note that a key to curing your own PCOS is reducing your fat percentage!

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