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Why You Should Walk 10000 Steps in a Day?

why should you walk 10000 steps each day? Exactly what I asked myself. A morning walk is ideal if you want to spend your day positively!

Before I dive into this topic, I have been fond of walking since I didn’t know it had so so many benefits. Over the years I got to know walking is considered beneficial for human health. It is also one of the best ways to lose weight without any strict exercises. Walking 10,000 steps has become the latest trend and because of the latest smartwatches and apps on your phone, you can easily count how many steps you are walking in a day. Honestly, I have never counted my steps but will be doing so right away!

I don’t want to sound fake just because you read and start walking, I read the positive reviews!

These apps give a sense of motivation and appreciation when you reach your target. But, the question is why should you walk 10000 steps each day? Exactly what I asked myself.

There are a lot of health benefits that have been observed in people who walk 10000 steps daily. It’s been a week now spending most of your time walking is better than sitting which makes you lazy and dull. I have started with my walking routine for a week now and I believe my body feels great!

Let’s have a look at some of the major health benefits that came across when I researched you can achieve if you take 10,000 steps daily:

Maintain your body weight

It is a false myth that only those people who are aiming for weight loss. People who want to maintain their weight should also take 10,000 steps to burn the extra fat they take. But my point here is are these 10,000 steps a must? Upon conducting my research, I found that 10,000 steps are equal to 40-60 mins walk and doctors across the globe recommend it.

For a majority who takes fast-forward steps, this turns out to be the way your calories are burnt there and then and your body does not store any extra fat. However, if you do not walk and stay inactive, the calories stay in your body and the fat remains in your body which can later lead to obesity and other weight issues.

Make your heart and lungs healthy

Walking has always been a great exercise for every age group. To make your heart function properly, walking 10,000 steps is the easiest exercise you can do. And yes that is what my personal experience says now.

When the heart pumps blood efficiently, the risks of getting strokes and other heart-related diseases are minimized. Walking not only strengthens the heart but, there is also a great difference in the lungs and the muscles around it.

While walking, you breathe rapidly as your body inhales more oxygen and exhales more carbon dioxide than normal. People who have shortness of breath avoid walking which is not good for their health. Increasing your steps slowly and gradually can also help overcome this issue. On the other hand, if you skip walking, you can make your lungs even weaker which can lead to serious health issues in the future.

And this is what I believe I have seen in my home! My mom who used skip walking only because of shortness of breath took the challenge and lost 8 kgs in 2 months. Well, she even started portion control and together the two became life-changing for her.

Strengthen your bones

Osteoporosis is a common bone health issue that is faced by many people, especially women. The common reason behind this is lesser bone density. Walking or any other physical exercise helps you increase bone density and keeps bones healthy and strong. Therefore, your bones and joints stay well and pain-free. However, if you are already facing some bone health issues, it is suggested to increase your steps daily, little by little, so that your bones adjust accordingly and you do not face any pain or aches during your walk.

Increase your energy levels

Whenever you feel dull or dizzy, go for a walk. A morning walk is ideal if you want to spend your day positively and stay fresh and energetic throughout the day. Taking 10,000 steps daily not only freshens up your mood but also throw away all the negative vibes. So, if you are stuck in some work and not in the mood to do it, go for a walk. You will eventually feel energetic and focused and will be able to complete your tasks in a good mood.

Say bye to abnormal levels of blood sugar

Another important health benefit of walking 10,000 steps daily has also resulted in normalized blood sugar. According to forbes, females aged from 18 to 40 are being diagnosed with blood sugar. Walking daily lowers the level of glucose in your body. Therefore, the chances of suffering from diabetes are also reduced. If blood pressure and sugar are within normal levels, you stay away from many health problems and remain fit. Many medicines are prescribed by doctors to maintain your blood sugar levels. But, the best way is to keep yourself moving and active.

walk 10000 steps

Improve your brain functioning

When you are physically fit, your brain works way better. Walking improves blood circulation and hence, your brain strength is also improved and you may feel a big difference in the way you work and sort things out. It is one of the best exercises for people who want to be more attentive and focused on their work.

Stay young and healthy forever

For aged people, who want to sit, stand, and move around without any pains and aches, walking is the best solution. Taking 10,000 daily is a great habit for the elderly who face difficulties in completing their everyday tasks. Your body stays in motion and hence, daily chores are not a problem for you. Thus, make it your daily habit to go for a walk with your partner and stay fit and healthy for a long.

How to begin?

Motivating yourself to walk 10000 steps daily is not difficult. You can gradually increase your number of steps and reach your goal. Making this your habit will make you realize what you have been missing in your life so far.

An average person takes 2000 steps in a mile and 10,000 steps make 5 miles. This is not a restricted number, you can even walk more depending on your health and stamina.

Closing thought
Walking 10,000 steps keeps you healthy in many ways. The health of athletes and sportspersons is far better than those who do not walk at all. They not only stay fit and healthy but, are more composed and focused. Therefore, it is recommended to walk daily to stay active. Walking also prevents you from many serious health diseases as it is the best and easiest exercise that does not require any equipment or any professional help. So, make it your daily routine to walk as much as you can, set a goal for yourself, and live a happier, healthier life.

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